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The eCommerce software will easily integrates into your Sandvox web design builder. Increase your profits without making a substantial investment.

Have the luxury of an advanced shopping cart that is very small but powerful and this solution can easily be implemented within your Sandvox website.

Datalogica saves you time and money by offering a completely integrated and out-of-the- box solution for your entire business needs.

The eCommerce shopping cart is efficient, secure and user friendly, allowing website visitors to easily purchase items on your website.

Your business is unique - what it needs to succeed is a solution built entirely for it, not some cookie- cutter product.

Datalogica is tailored for you - it is guaranteed to work out-of-the-box, but it is unique for you.

Ing. Rafael R. Dahan

Rafael R. Dahan

CSQE @ Liberty Global, Creator, Father, Grandfather...

By creating dynamically generated static HTML product pages your online store will be in sync with your website, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

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Installation Service

$39 USD Guaranteed Installation

As a service to my customers, I guarantee I will work with you to ensure the successful installation of Datalogica Shopping Cart.

To install the script you will need a basic understanding of HTML, Perl CGI scripts and how they work.
$39 USD Datalogica offers inexpensive guaranteed installation service.

If I cannot successfully install the script on your web server, regardless of where it is hosted, you will receive a 100% refund.

Important Information! Please read the three images, located within the tablet.

Get The Cart Zip File

Join over 5,600 users and get free zip file of the cart.

NOTE! The free shopping cart is no longer available. $99 USD for a full licensed version.

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If you have any proposals, questions or just want to say hello, please sent me an email.

Ing. Rafael R. Dahan